K1RQ – A test station for WRTC 2014 – Fort Devens, MA – July 14. 2012

K1RQ WRTC TestOur K1RQ WRTC Test Setup for IARU 2012…  We were busy assembling, so not many photos during construction.

I had the distinct pleasure of operating Multi-Two with guys I’ve known for at least 25+ years in this years IARU Radiosport Championship.   I joined Brian, NJ1F, his father-in-law, Dana, K1RQ, and Lenny, KB1W, for the K1RQ WRTC Test portable operation.  I had operated with these guys many times before — With Lenny and Brian at K1TTT, and with Dana at his QTH in western Mass when he had a station there.   Brian and I had brought home the Division plaque in November SS Phone (W2PV@K1TTT) a few times.  It has been quite a few years since we were all together again.

The WRTC 2014 Committee had been looking for volunteers to operate at some test locations that were being scouted by the committee.  They would supply us with most of the basics required for a WRTC team — generator power, Tools, a tent, a fine triband yagi, tower with rotator, and a system to get it all up quickly.   Dana, K1RQ, picked up the gear from a storage facility in Hudson, NH on Friday the 13th, and headed to the Site Devens-2, where the old Army HQ used to be.

K1RQ WRTC TestThe business end of the tower mount designed specifically for the WRTC 2014 Stations.

What we were not prepared for was the heat!  Man, was it hot!  Brian happened to bring a thermometer… at one point on Saturday afternoon, the tent temp was 108F!!  I think we calculated that over the course of the 36 hours or so we were on the site, we went through about 100 8oz bottles of water — not counting the coffee and cokes.
W1VEYours truely on 15m

KB1WLenny, KB1W rocks 20m… Note the large fan in the background.  It’s the only thing that kept the tent bearable.


K1RQK1RQ minding the store on 20M.


K1RQ-NJ1FPartying with your father-in-law – Dana, K1RQ and Brian, NJ1F.

K1RQ WRTC Cycle24 TribanderThe Cycle24 Tribander all the WRTC 2014 Teams will use! It performed excellent for a tribander at 40ft!  Note that we made a mistake in assembly — connecting the feedpoint at the wrong tap.  This resulted in a slightly-high SWR on 10m — completely our fault.

K1RQ Relaxing
A true contester knows when to relax.

How did we do? A middle-of-the-pack score.  Propagation was pretty decent.  We really missed 10m.   If we get a chance to do this again, we will make sure we have the bandpass filters fully tested.   The site was RF Quiet — just a lot a train-horn noise in the middle of the night.

        Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Cty   HQ
         3.5  CW     107     353   13    4
         3.5  LSB     26      76    2    9
           7  CW     249     862   37   17
           7  LSB     51     156    3    7
          14  CW     588    2205   49   35
          14  USB     24      78    5    3
          21  CW     404    1565   55   19
          21  USB     21      64    3    5
          28  CW       2      6    1    0
       Total  Both  1473    5370  169   99

            Score : 1,439,160

Gear we brought: FT-2000, C-756ProIII, My new INRAD Triplexer, ICE Bandpass filters courtesy of K1XM.  The 10m bandpass filter was open — hence the 1 QSO on 10.  N1MM Logging using WRTC rules.  Lots of other ancillary stuff.  A lot of water!

Thanks to everyone for the Qs, thanks to good friends for great memories, and thanks to the WRTC organizing committee for putting this all together.   They need more volunteers!
Please sign up to help/participate in WRTC 2014! — see www.wrtc2014.org

73, Gerry